About 'The LMI Group'


“More than photo shoots and catwalks”


Model Academy

“Your Time To Shine”

At Model Academy we offer a range of services for your little model to experience every area of modelling. We are THE stepping stone into the modelling world.

At Little Models Inc we offer services that will give your little model an insight into all areas of modelling.  We offer EXPERIENCE in studio photo shoots, outdoor location shoots, runway training, confidence training, advice and lots more.  Not all types of modelling are for everyone and its important you know what area you would like your little model to specialize in.  Most importantly what area of modelling your little model enjoys most! Little Models Inc is where your model journey begins. You can choose from a range of services we offer the academy or you can go for the ultimate model experience we will cover it all and where we offer a range of opportunities from boutique model contracts to being scouted to become the face of local brands.

Best Self Club

“Be Your Best Self”

Our primary goal is encouraging your children to be their best self!

Children will have fun whilst making friends and grow in confidence. Best Self Club takes place on school Holidays and Saturdays. We will cover growth mind set, power of words, left and right side of the brain, gratitude, self love and multiple confidence workshops. The word  I AM  are two of the most powerful words we can use. Children have a language and they learn when we speak it. Best self club is full of positivity and kindness. Bringing the secret of the Law Of Attraction to kids.

“Its not our job to toughen our children up to face the world. Its our job to raise a kinder generation so our children don’t have to face a tough world”



“Make Friends”

From kid’s fashion shows to local kid’s fun days. Little Models Inc is the home of My Kids Cutest the North Wests biggest children’s fashion show.  We have many FREE opportunities for kids to get involved and FREE opportunities for businesses too. From exhibiting, scouting the face of their brand and event sponsorship.  All our events are in support of our chosen children’s charity. Little Models Inc have raised over £100,000 for children’s charities!

Help us, help them help you.  



“Lets Create”

Empowering young minds to create a kinder next generation.

Did you know 90% of children’s creativity is lost from ages 3-12?

Children with vision become grown ups with dreams.

Creativity involves exploration and problem solving. Creative experiences help children to express and cope with their feelings. There is nothing more fulfilling for children than being able to express themselves openly and without judgment. We cover the important stuff but in a fun way. The long term memory requires a child to learn in colour, fun and with emotion. From creating I AM mirrors, gratitude jars to eco fashion creations. 


Strutt your stuff

Kids will have an amazing time learning to strutt their stuff on the catwalk.