About 'The LMI Group'

Welcome to Little Models Inc!

Offering Training, Experience and Opportunity to aspiring child models.

LMI hold four model camps per year, for kids age 3-12 years old. Registrations are open all year round. Models who secure a place will be invited to your local LMI studios. There you will experience day 1 of camp. You and your little model will enjoy a free one hour model experience. You can meet the team, ask questions and go over our full information pack. You will also choose your favorite image. This will be used on the projector screens at your little models, runway show, day four of camp. 
Your little model will experience studio shoots, location shoots, model training days and much more! All children are awarded on runway day as they showcase all they have learned through out camp. As we complete camp on day four opens a world of opportunity. Your little model will take the runway where they will be scouted by industry professionals, model scouts and local agencies. Your local LMI will have a number of brands present searching for the face of their brand. Whether that be to launch a new collection or to be the face of a current range. Models selected will attend a campaign photo shoot and the images will be used on their website and social media

Here at LMI, we offer an ideal opportunity for children to gain experience in all areas of the modelling industry. Whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence. 

Models are split into three age groups. Age 3-4 Teeny Tiny, age 5-7 Tiny and age 8-12 Minis. Registrations are open to both boys and girls in all age groups. 

There are no restrictions at LMI and all models who secure a place on camp will be rewarded on completion runway day with a certificate and model goodies.

All children are beautiful and their own uniqueness is encouraged. Each child is special, all in their very own way. Its LMI's job to encourage their uniqueness. Every child who takes part in the LMI camp, will grow in a number of different ways.

Children will make new friends, build confidence and experience what it is really like to be a little model. Lets not forget one lucky child will walk away with a children’s boutique model contract. Owners of the boutique will attend day 4 of camp, scouting for who they would like to see model their coming collection.

Register to begin your LMI Model Camp. Once you have registered and secured a place you will receive an email confirmation, followed by a model card in the post for your little model. You can create a password and you then have full access to your little models very own model profile and model journal to keep up to date on your journey. Here you can begin to create their very own online portfolio to share with friends, family and agents. 

You and your little model will go on a magical journey together. Here at LMI we fill our children up with love, confidence and belief. Over the four days you will have fun, make friends and grow from the inside out!

You will not and will never experience anything like Little Models Inc camp. You will make memories to last a life time and the teachings will grow with your child for life. As well as all of the above you will experience four days like no other and take away a superstar medal, certificate, little model name badge and a little model memory to take home. We are constantly improving our camp and every camp we add more and more improvements in. We love to hear what our little models think and also our model mum and dads so please help us help your Little Models Inc experience grow by sharing your experience with us! 



• Studio photo shoot, at our own child friendly premises, with our professional photographer - Your photographs will be skilfully retouched by our onsite editor and can viewed on the day by your little model!



• Location photo shoot at a local beauty spot - outdoor photography to complement your child’s portfolio.



• Model academy – Character building group day with our little models, they will be divided into their categories for age appropriate content, healthy snacks provided.

• Confidence workshop led by accredited child psychologist

• Catwalk training with focus on good posture and eye contact

• Your little one’s own model website       

• Pose training• Prop training • Model goodies include • T shirt           

• Name badge • Certificate • Trophy



• Model showcase
Our high-profile show is an amazing production! With professional lighting system, various acts to entertain and a full bar serving drinks and snacks. It is a chance for your family and friends to celebrate your little models journey in true style and cheer them on as they showcase their catwalk skills! Models will be scouted by industry professionals and local brands. 



Strutt your stuff

Kids will have an amazing time learning to strutt their stuff on the catwalk.