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The search has began to find Liverpools Next Top Little Models 2018!  

All models who secure a place on camp will recieve their model mail in the post. 


Experience what its like to be a real little model! Its your little models time to shine.

Get scouted by industry professionls on day four of camp, Your live runway show at Acc Echo Arena 23rd June 2019 

Have fun, make friends, build confidence. 

Register TODAY be sure to get your little models place on our free 1 hour model experience. Registaration closes 10th February. 


Become a Model

Uk's Leading Child Model Academy. Offering experience, training and opportunity to aspiring child models. 

At Model Camp Little Models Inc will TRAIN your little model in all areas of modelling. We offer EXPERIENCE in studio photo shoot, outdoor location shoots, catwalk training, confidence training, parent advice and lots more. Not all types of modelling are for everyone and its important you know what area you would like your little model to specialise in. Most importantly what area of modelling your little model enjoys most!

Once camp is complete we off a range of OPPORTUNITIES from boutique model contracts to being scouted to become the face of local brands. 


Become a Sponsor

We are searching for businesses who like to exhibit at next years My Kids Cutest Mummy & Me event 

We have lots of sponsorship options available from FREE collaborations to main event sponsor ship.

To exhibit at My Kids cutest please contact 

Get involved today! Our main event will be 23rd June 2019 at The Liverpool ACC Echo Arena. 

Please note all free collaborations require a donation to our partners at Clare House Childrens Hospice

What We Do


LMI is an experience for a child that is good for them as well as fun for them. Now in more time than any its needed for every child. A child does not need to be told they look a certain way, a child needs to understand they a beautiful just how they are. There are no restrictions at LMI and uniqueness is encouraged. LMI is a kids activity like dance or football. Some kids like to dance, some kids like to do football and some kids love to do LMI. 

LMI camp is a fun and unique experience for a child. There are four days to model camp. Your child will experience all areas of modelling. From studio shoots to location shoots, model training days and a live runway show. Our runway show is where your children showcase all they have learned to their friends and family. Now we have covered experience and training this is where opportunity comes in and is brand new to LMI to offer your little models more. Attending our live runway show will be local brands scouting for the face of their brand. Models selected will attend a campaign photo shoot and the images will be used on their website and social media. 

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