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What We Do

Our model camps are a great way for children to have fun, make friends and build confidence. Alls whilst gaining valuable experience in the model world. Lets not forget one lucky child will walk away with a children’s boutique model contract. Owners of the boutique will attend day 4 of camp, scouting for who they would like to see model their coming collection. All models who attend model camp will grow in a number of different ways.

You and your little model will go on a magical journey together. Here at LMI we fill our children up with love, confidence and belief. Over the four days you will have fun, make friends and grow from the inside out! 


You will never experience anything like little models inc camp. You will make memories to last a life time and the teachings will grow with your child for life. You will experience four days like no other and take away a superstar trophy and model goodies.

Children will make new friends, build confidence and experience what it is really like to be a little model. 

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Spring Early term will begin in February and end in March.

Spring Late term will begin in March and end in April.

Summer Early term will begin in April and end in May.

Summer Late term will begin in May and end in June.

Autumn Early term will begin July and end in August.

Autumn Late term will begin in August and end in September.

Winter Early term will begin in September and end in October.

Winter Late term will begin in October and end in November.


3 Tiny LMI Models

The Finalists Of Liverpools Next Top Model 2015. Location shoot held on The Kathleen and May


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