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Advice for parents from LMI Liverpool


Always be cautious if a company claiming to be a model agency approaches you online. This is not normal practice. LMI will only make contact with aspiring models if they have approached our company first via one of our official pages: the little models inc website, app, Instagram or Facebook page. Linked to all LMI pages will be our studio owners personal Facebook pages. Whilst we prefer all contact to remain through our business page for ease and to ensure we reply to all messages in good timing. We love to see your little models journey and its nice for us to get the chance to like and comment on your model camp uploads. You will also see our journey as we organize camp!
Little models inc works with parents to ensure that your child enters the modeling world safely and to make sure that it’s something that they are ready for. The founder of LMI in total has 13 years of experience in the industry so we have all the knowledge to guide you and your child through the industry pitfalls. LMI was founded in 2010 and has since been the most reputable ethic model support brand to date. 50% of our franchise studio owners are also past models, so there’s lots of knowledge and experience behind our brand.

LMI are in full support of the new legislate brought into place in October 2010 ,  no modeling agency should have a joining fee which you pay out prior to signing with their agency.

Modeling agencies make their money through finding you work and taking a percentage of your wages. This should be the only way. You should not be paying them any more than a small one off administration or marketing charge.
LMI do not charge a registration fee to apply to our site and we will offer you great industry advice and a professional test shoot free of charge.

Here are a few handy tips on how to spot a cowboy agency:

  • Be cautious of adverts in local papers, classified ads and online advisements looking for models and offering no experience.
  • Avoid contact with companies who have no address or contact number. If the agency is portraying they are established in multiple areas look for the address not just a web page. Many scams portray this look to become more trusted when in actual fact its false information.
  • Always be wary of companies who hide behind PO Box addresses.
  • Never sign a contract without reading it and understanding its contents first and establishing that they are a legitimate agency.
  • Never let an agency pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable with.
  • You need a portfolio that is specifically catered to the area of modelling you are best suited to, and this is a cost you will eventually cover, but never feel forced or pressured to do so.
  • A good model mum is a smart model mum – use your common sense and don’t be afraid to say NO.


There are two major scams out there which have lured aspiring models in the past to part with a lot of hard earned cash:


Many cowboy agencies will send out staff to scout models in the street that they think have potential for fashion modelling. They can often approach you outside top retail outlets and ask if you have modelled before. They will take a photo of you and hand you over details about their so called agency, and say that they can find you work or have a specific job for you. They are generally not a legitimate agency and will never find you any work but they will try and convince you to part with money to either sign with their agency or to produce expensive images which they then wont promote you with.


Adverts in the back of newspapers and on Gumtree can look appealing, as they are generally asking for models urgently and are not looking for them to have any experience. Always be extremely careful as this can sometimes transpire into adult modelling and there will always be a cost involved to either sign with them first or again to produce a portfolio. Generally, they will ask you to take part in a casting with a host of other applicants that have applied through their advertisement, but during the casting they will push to sell you the images from your session, which are generally unprofessional and have no variety to appeal to an agency. Plus they are at a ridiculous price! 
Always stay safe and checkout an agency online before meeting with them in person and never feel pressured into signing a contact without taking it home and reading it through carefully.

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