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How do I get my child into modelling - Advice from LMI Liverpool

With our all new model camp launching at LMI you have come to the right place!
There are a couple of points you first need to consider!

Now more than ever there are more and more high street and designer brands introducing children’s wear to their stores, kids are being featured in TV and promotional campaigns. 
A popular choice in child modelling at the moment are cheeky characters with lots of energy. The little ones with big personality are becoming a popular choice when it comes to model work.

Child modelling is not like some types of modelling where have to a specific height, weight and looks. Agencies are always on the look out for kids with confidence!

A really important point is that your child should be able to take simple direction. A company will not be able to work with your child if they can not sit through the shoot. A child model should enjoy the experience and if they don’t this will show on their pictures. Another must is they like to get their photographs taken. Everyone likes to see a happy child with a huge smile. Do they like fashion side of modelling? Could they model a collection on a run way? What type of modelling is right for your child?

Model industry is huge! and its very hard to find where to begin! 
So many people jump into the industry because there just simply isn’t a stepping stone. You can now attend model camp. By the time model camp is over you will be in a better position to make the decision and your child will be fully capable to go forward with any job that you go for. Better still your child will be experienced in all areas. You and your child will know just what type of modelling is for them.

To ensure your child is industry ready and to see what direct you and your little want to go on apply to our model camp. Model camp is a fun and friendly way to introduce the kids to the industry. They learn to become experienced In all fields of modelling from studio shoots to shooting on location and even pose, catwalk and become confidence trained.

Portfolio is a huge part in children getting model jobs. It gives the agency a chance to see how photogenic they are. They can see the enjoyment in the images and how well they work the camera and the product what ever that may be!

One job could be studio based, one outside and one could be fashion your little model needs to experience all of these jobs before applying to companies.

We hope this has helped and we look forward to seeing you at your test shoot. Remember as we train your little models in all areas for health and safety reasons we only have so many places. 
Apply today and rest assure you are in safe hands.


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