LMI Cheshire - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price?

The cost for a four day camp is £299. You can pay in full or set up a payment plan. 
Please see our price promise - We are 100% confident in what we do. If you are not happy after your first shoot, you will receive 100% of your camp fees back, no question. 

What do I get? 

You and your little model will go on a magical journey together. Here at LMI we fill our children up with love, confidence and belief. Over the four days you will have fun, make friends and grow from the inside out! 
You will not and will never experience anything like little models inc camp. You will make memories to last a life time and the teachings will grow with your child for life. As well as all of the above you will experience four days like no other and take away a superstar trophy, certificate, little model name badge and a little memory to take home. 

What is LMI?

LMI is an experience for a child that is good for them as well as fun for them. Now in more time than any its needed for every child. A child does not need to be told they look a certain way, a child needs to understand they a beautiful just how they are. LMI is a kids activity like dance or football. Some kids like to dance, some kids like to do football and some kids love to do LMI. 

Who we are?

LMI is a uk franchised brand available in cities across the uk. Our passion is to build our children up, creating a fun experience where kids can have fun, make friends and grow in confidence “because every little model deserves to feel like a super model”

Why register?

We have thousands of children from all over the UK register for their local LMI camp. Mums who are looking for something different, parents who want to build their child’s confidence, some families who are looking for their children to have fun and make new friends. 

How do I pay?

When you register, you book in your first day. At that point you can pay the balance or you can pay a deposit and set up a payment plan. The plan must be paid before the camp begins. Depending on what season you choose to register for, the date will be on that registration form.
You can pay online or you can call you local LMI for a chat and pay over the phone. 

What happens next?

Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email. Your little model will then receive their model mail in the post. Don’t forget to take a picture and tag us on your social media. We love to see how excited our little models are when they receive their model mail. 

What happens over the four days of camp?

Day one is where you come to meet us at your local little models inc. This is a personal appointment. Your child will experience a photo shoot where their uniqueness is encouraged. Theres no right or wrong way. The right was is the little models way. You will feel comfortable and your little model will have fun! Theres lots of props and backdrops and your welcome to snap away during shoot time. You will then go through to your viewing where you will see all your little models images on the big screen! This is where you choose your favourite to go on the big screens on day 4. You will be with us for around 1 hour.

Day two is location shoot day. The Location shoot is themed and sometimes takes place outside. What ever season camp you register for is the theme. So if you register for summer camp, the theme is summer and the little model can wear anything they would wear in summer. 
You will be with us for around half an hour. 

Day three is academy day, we love academy day! Here your little model will be shown lots of poses and we practice on the catwalk. We also make fun fruit wands and this is where our confidence session takes place.
You will be with us for for four hours. 

Day four is our model showcase. Wow this is the day where your little model will get up on that stage, show off their skills. It’s a magical day and all our children feel like supermodels. All of our uk little models inc events are are held in a high profile location. There's a huge production put in place big lights, huge stage. We have acts performing and all models are awarded. All our models are cheered on by all their family and friends. It’s a big night for everyone! 

What do I need for camp?

Day 1 - two outfits of your choice
Day 2 - your season themed outfit 
Day 3 - jeans or leggings 
Day 4 - Your day two outfit and your eco outfit 

Ooops! How could we forget! We ask you to come with a smile, lots of love and kindness. Little models inc camp is a happy place where our children experience nothing but love and kindness. 

Do I need to do anything out side of camp?


Another of our value's is to teach our children about gratitude and giving. All our little models inc camps raise money for their local children charities. Through out camp you can do anything you like to raise money, We have lots of ideas and the local charity is there to help to. You can make some cakes, go on a sponsored walk, even a sponsored swim. It doesn’t matter what you raise. The charity will be there on day four to collect your pennies from you direct. 100% of funds raised go to helping less fortunate children. Combining all funds raised by LMI across the UK from all camps that take place, our children raise on average £100,000 per year! I know! Just look at the difference you are making. 

Do I need to pay anything extra?

No, everything is included in your camp fee of £299. All you will need to bring is your outfits needed for the four days.

Can I buy anything through out camp?

Yes, you can purchase your child’s images from day one and two of camp. If you opted for this we also offer a pay off plan. For day one images cost £199 and that is for fifty digital images. For day two images cost £49. 
If you purchase day one images you receive day two for free but you can just purchase day two images on their own if you choose to not purchase day one. 
You can also purchase tickets for day four for all your family to come along to your little models award day. 

When is camp?

All four days of camp will take place out of school hours. 
Day 1 you get to choose your day out of two week appointment times. Day 2,3,4 are all set for you and will be on your registration form. 
We have up to eight camps per year. Early season and late season, spring, summer, autumn and winter. 



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