The LMI Manchester Models Journey

Welcome to Little Models Inc!

LMI hold four model camps per year, for kids age 3-12 year old. Applications are open all year round.Models who secure their place will be invited to your local LMI studios. There you will experience a free photo shoot. You can choose your favourite image. This will go live on our website and be used on the projector screens at your little models, model awards night. 
Your little model will experience studio shoots, location shoots, model training days and much more! LMI will have your little model idustry ready in no time! All children are awarded and over 30 trophies are given on the night for individual achievements. The over all winner will be judged by a live panel and will walk away with £1000 model deal. PAID IN CASH ON THE DAY!

Here at LMI, we offer an ideal opportunity for children to gain experience in the modelling industry. Whilst having fun, making friends and building confidence. 

Models are split into four age groups. Age 3-4 Teeny Tiny, age 5-7 Tiny, age 8-10 Minis and age 11-12 Little. Applications are open to both boys and girls in all age groups. 

There are no restrictions at LMI and all models who secure a place on the camp will receive a trophy at their model awards night. All children are beautiful and their own uniqueness is encouraged. Each child is special, all in their very own way. Its LMI's job to encourage their uniqueness. Every child who takes part in the LMI journey, will grow in a number of different ways.

Children will make new friends, build confidence and experience what it is really like to be a little model.Lets not forget one lucky child will walk away with £1000 model contract. 

Applications are open all year round. Due to health and safety the maximum number of children accepted per model camp is 100. Thousands of applications are received each term. If the application close date is missed. Your child will not be able to join on that camp and will have to wait until the following term begins.

The four camps begin in season quarter. Spring term will begin in February and end in April. Summer term will begin in April and end in June. Autumn term will begin July and end in September. Winter term will begin in September and end in November. 

The Camp is over four days, Model camp will never take place in school hours. 

Apply to begin your LMI Model Camp. Its free to apply and once applied you will receive an email confirming the model camp dates. You can create a password and you then have full access to your little models very own model profile. Here you can begin to create their very own online portfolio. 

1 - Attend your free studio photo shoot. You will need two outfits for your little model. When your little models place is secured. You will receive a full information pack. This is also printed and talked through with you at your personal studio shoot.

2 - Location shoot. Your location is themed on what term season camp you are on. For example, spring season. Your outfit is inspired by spring.

3 - Attend Model academy. There are number of work shops that take place on the academy. Catwalk training, pose training, prop training, 1-2-1 photo shoots, nutrition, confidence sessions led by industry professionals. Theres lots of images in the gallery section, if you wish to see what a day on the LMI model academy looks like.

4 - Model awards day. As the camp is coming to an end its time to show case all your little models hard work. All end of model camp awards are held at huge prestigious venues. Your friends and family can purchase tickets to come along and support your little model. There is lots of awards and all models will receive a trophy. There is an over all winner of £1000 model contract. Winner will receive £1000 cash paid on the day!

What happens during the camp? 

Your favorite image from your studio shoot goes live on our website. You can share with friends and family across all social networks. Its free to vote by email. There is a public winner. A model from each age group will win the public vote. If your little model didn’t win that section, don't worry! thats just a small part of the awards. Theres lots of ways to win and all models will be awarded at their model awards.

You as a model mum or dad have two jobs through the camp! 

1 -You and your little model need to create an ECO outfit. This is an outfit customised using recycled materials! For ideas see our album names ECO.

2 - LMI is also huge on charity and giving back. Its one of the main values we teach our models. In just 2016 alone LMI raised over £60,000 to help deserving children. Each city has their own chosen charity. You and your little model need to fundraise. Sponsored walk, cake sale or even bag packing at your local super market. All funds are given direct to the charity on models awards night and your little model will reduce a certificate of thanks. You can see lots more information on the charity section.

As your little model completes model camp Its now time to put all your portfolio images together. Along with all the knowledge and experience gained and attend model castings.Your models website will now be ready for you to upload images and share for model jobs! 


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