The LMI Franchise Opportunity

Welcome to Little Models Inc

Business Opportunity.

To apply to become a franchise owner firstly you must be hard working. A franchise is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Business experience is required but we as your head quarters team will be by your side every step of the way. You will have all the support you need to grow your business. 

Whilst the model is proven you are responsible for building your own business in your territory. This takes time and alot of initiative. We can not guarantee success to any new owner as you will only get out what you put in. 

Please beaware before applying there are no immediate results. This is not possible in any business. It takes at least twelve months to grow a business before you begin to see results. 

Looking for business opportunities you will be aware it can take time for a business to profit. Having support and funds as you grow is necessary. You will be required to market your own business and we also require proof of business experience, a detailed plan as to how you will market your LMI and proof of reserve capital. 

You will be provided with a kit, training and all the support you need. 

Following the model is crucial in franchising. Initiative is a must you are your own boss, stepping out side the box has proved success with active franchise owners. As your business progresses you are required to keep active with marketing trends and follow guidence of your support network. Business is all about keeping up with current trends, being creative with your marketing and constantly trying new things.

If you feel confident in your abilities email and the first step will be to carry out our Demand Analysis.

A Demands Analysis is a systematic procedure to quantify, and evaluate all of the environmental demand components of all essential and non- essential tasks of a job. ... A DA is the “cornerstone” of the analytical process used to determine compatibility between a worker and a specific job.