The Model Search has begun to find the face of Rockabye Baby by Say It With Diamonds

Exciting news! We at Little Models Inc are hosting the search in the chester area, for the face of Rockabye Baby by say it with diamonds.

RBB are about to launch their new collections.

We need you! To register go to

Models who are short listed will be invited for their diamond shoot!

Information for models parents


1. What’s going to happen?

Models who are shortlisted will be invited for their diamond shoot, studio based in Chester. We are so excited for your little models inc experience. You will be with us for around 1 hour. Our photographer will take you for your first outfit change. Once your first outfit change is complete your images will be sent to edit while we shoot your second change. Once your two outfits are complete there will be around a 15-minute wait while your second set of images are edited. Then its time to go to the big screen and view your model images.

The exciting part is you do get to choose your image that will be used for entry for SIWD and you also get to take it home yayyyy!

2.  What happens next?

Your image will go live on 

There are 3 age groups




Images will be live for 7 days, only one vote per email. All votes are checked and verified manually daily by our team.

There will be a winner of each group.


3. Then what?

The winner of each group will then be uploaded to facebook and Instagram


The images will be live for 1 week. The person with the most likes combined on facebook and Instagram will be the winner of Rockabye summer18 range.


4. Yayyyy

The winner will be the face of the summer18 range which wait for it…


You will be invited back to shoot the range. These image will be used on Rockbye Babys website and social media. You will receive all images to add to your portfolio. You will also receive a model reference from Rockabye Baby to add to your portfolio.

You will be guided through your shoot by us at Little Models Inc!


Registartaions close 29th July! Register today

Models who are short listed will hear back within 72hours 

This model search is intended for boys and girls aged 3-12 in the Chester area.